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How to prevent the red bedding from fading?

How to prevent the red bedding from fading?

  Christmas is coming soon. Have you also put on a red duvet cover set and red fluffy blankets to celebrate Christmas? I have got the red microfiber pillowcases I prepared for Christmas.However, there is a common problem with the red three-piece suit. After a period of time, the white quilt inside may be printed with red marks. What is the reason? How can it be avoided?

  First of all, the truth that everyone has to accept: any dark fabric and white fabric will be in contact for a long time, there will be sticky color, especially red fabric, this is an unchangeable phenomenon; if you encounter the color that does not fade, So it is a polyester fabric, or the formaldehyde exceeds the standard.

  The red kit is a dark fabric, and the quilt is generally a white fabric. The friction of dark and white is prone to stick problems, especially if it is used without washing, it will be very obvious on white fabrics if it is wet. Oh, so it must be cleaned first.

  The data shows that the majority of people use the red kit directly without cleaning. Because when the fabric is dyed, the dye remains in the gap of the fabric and is not cleaned up. The rubbing of the kit and the core fabric, or the penetration of human sweat, will cause the fabric to stick color more obviously.

Experiment: Cleaning the previous comparison data

  A comparison test between a red fabric that has not been washed and a red fabric that has been washed once, and found an interesting result:

Experimental sample Unwashed: Colorfastness to dry rubbing  3-4 grade 4-5

Red fabric after washing: Colorfastness to perspiration 2-3  grade 3-4

  Therefore, the purchased dark-colored bedding should be cleaned once before use, which can reduce the problem of red fabric sticking to the core fabric to a certain extent, and also remove the formaldehyde on the fabric.

Do not put red pillows on the back of the white bed

  If the bed has a white back, you must pay attention to it. Clean the red cotton pillowcase before using it. If you don’t do this, it is likely to leave a lot of red marks on the white back. Such marks are in addition to bleaching. There is no way to deal with it.

  The bedding should be changed frequently to remove the floating color

Since the red fabric has faded and stained during the first few washing processes; therefore, you should wash the wedding bedding more frequently, preferably once a week, to remove the floating color and make the quilt less stained with red marks Oh. And don't wash it with hot water and rub it.

  Therefore, pay attention to washing and nursing bed products on weekdays! Only by taking good care of these beddings can we have a good sleeping environment!


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