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Are you using the correct method to clean bedding?

Are you using the correct method to clean bedding?

  Bedding is a very important item to ensure our quality of sleep. Clean bedding allows our skin to breathe, just like being gently wrapped in baby skin.

  Therefore, the cleanliness of our bedding cannot be ignored.

  First: It is recommended to clean the bedding at least once a month. When using for the first time, please rinse with water to clean the surface pulp and stain it with floating color.

  Second: The microfiber duvet cover set should not be twisted by force during washing (because the fiber is fragile and easy to fluff, which will affect the appearance and service life).

  Third: You can pick some mugwort leaves and put them in the quilt so that you can clean up the mites

  Fourth: The white silk duvet cover cannot be placed in mothballs or camphor wood boxes, otherwise, it will turn yellow.

   Fifth: Because sunlight is a free disinfection machine, please take it out to bask properly. ·

  In any case, clean and tidy bedding is the prerequisite for us to ensure the quality of sleep.

   However, after cleaning, a series of problems also appeared. Why does it shrink and why does it fade? Why pilling... Obviously, all test results show that it is qualified. Why is there a problem when using it?

  According to our survey, more than 80% of current usage quality problems are caused by improper usage.

1 Alkaline detergent will accelerate the fading.
  Many cleaners say they have a super decontamination effect, but if you want a super decontamination effect, the cleaner will be more alkaline. If you choose a strong decontamination effect, it must be a non-neutral detergent. Even if it is a neutral detergent, I suggest you choose it carefully, otherwise, it will easily fade.
Some people are addicted to cleaning and like to soak in disinfectant water. The direct result of this situation is large areas of yellowing or fading. Since the disinfectant is a strong alkaline substance, it is corrosive to a certain extent. Although it can help you remove dirt or disinfect and whiten the fabric.
  When someone washes bedding, they directly drop detergent on the fabric and then wash it with water. This method is seriously wrong. Detergents that have not been diluted with water, even neutral detergents, have a certain corrosive effect. When the water is sufficiently diluted, this kind of dripping on the fabric will cause a chemical reaction in the fabric, causing it to fade or yellow.
  This is why we often see fabrics faded, yellowed, whitened, or partially yellowed.

2 Strong and long-term washing will only make the sheets thin
  Usually, we are busy with work, and the frequency of washing bedding is usually about one to two months. I am worried that it will not be cleaned. I usually choose to wash for more than an hour. It is not recommended to use this method!
  With the continuous development of new fabrics, such as pure cotton, Tencel, hemp, silk, modal, bamboo fiber, polyester cotton, etc., due to its water absorption, strength, cohesion, and fibril, it has become our common bedding fabric. The chemical process is very different from other processes, so the washing time is also different. For example, Tencel, bamboo fiber, modal fiber, and other fabrics are smooth and have low wet strength. If the washing time is too long, the mechanical force will cause the fabric to be washed and broken.
Therefore, the best way is to control the washing time at about 40 minutes. If possible, it is best to wash by hand or with a laundry bag.

3 Hot water cannot decontaminate, it will only aggravate dirt!
  Many people think that a high temperature is a decontamination method, but you are wrong. If you only use high temperature to clean a large amount of dirt without knowing what the substance is, it may cause permanent dirt to no longer be washed off. For substances such as sweat, milk, and blood, never use hot water.

4 Exposure will only accelerate the aging of fabric dyeing.
  Although ultraviolet rays have the effect of sterilization and disinfection, exposure to sunlight is not only harmful to ordinary cotton fabrics, but also easily fades, turns white or yellows, and increases shrinkage (because pure cotton has good shrinkage); Needless to say, materials with high water absorption rate, silk tends to turn yellow and become brittle in the sun.

  Therefore, please avoid using the above methods for cleaning. As long as you choose to clean the bedding every half a month, you do not need to consider the use of strong detergents, long-term cleaning, exposure, and other methods. Develop good habits is the most important thing we need to stick to.

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