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How to decorate the bedroom to increase happiness?

How to decorate the bedroom to increase happiness?

  The bedroom is where we spend the longest time at home. Reasonable bedroom layout and layout are the basic guarantees for maintaining vitality every day.

  Sleeping is definitely the most important function of the bedroom, so the quality of the bedding is particularly important. If the budget is sufficient, you can certainly use a high-quality budget. If the budget is insufficient, we recommend using an ordinary bed frame + a high-quality mattress. Auxiliary pillows, lumbar pillows, and pillows are also good things to increase comfort. In the choice of bedding, we recommend using a silk duvet cover set, cotton duvet cover set, and other materials that are comfortable to the skin.

Sound insulation effect
  1 door
  The bedroom door should consider both the decorative effect and the sound insulation effect. At present, mainstream bedroom doors include solid wood doors, composite doors, and steel-wood doors. Among them, solid wood doors and composite doors have better sound insulation effects. When buying bedroom doors, not only should pay attention to the choice of materials, but also whether the door core is thick.
  2 windows
  The sound insulation performance of windows mainly depends on two aspects: window frames and glass. Compared with ordinary single-layer glass, double-layer vacuum glass has a better sound insulation effect.
Flocking, cotton, and linen sound-absorbing curtains have better texture. Generally, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption. The curtains matching the bedroom color are pleasing to the eye.
  3 ceiling
  In addition to the outdoor noise source in the bedroom, the most important noise source also comes from the upper floors. Therefore, in the decoration process, some sound insulation materials can be used to enhance the sound insulation effect of the bedroom top surface. Some sound-absorbing and sound insulation materials can be added to the middle layer of the suspended ceiling, such as sound-absorbing cotton, high-density foam board, fabric sound-absorbing board, etc.
  4 wall
  A more common method of soundproofing the bedroom wall is to lay a soft covering background wall on the sidewall of the bed to play the role of sound absorption and sound insulation.
  5 floor
  The soundproofing of the bedroom floor usually uses wooden floors and carpet. The structure of the cork floor is a honeycomb polyhedron, with many air-tight airbags, which have sound-absorbing and shock-proof functions, and can effectively avoid noise caused by walking back and forth. Thick carpets can also absorb sound.
  It’s also appropriate to step on a soft and comfortable carpet instead of a hard floor when you wake up. Those who are worried that the carpet will easily breed mites and various bacteria can choose to lay a small carpet beside the bed.

  The color combination of the bedroom cannot be underestimated. The overall tone is best to be quiet, comfortable, and warm, and the color should not be too much only 2-3 colors. Avoid using large areas of high-brightness colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, and contrasting colors that have a strong contrast on the overall color of the wall and the bedroom. This can easily stimulate people's eyesight and cause the owner's spirit to be in a state of excitement for a long time and unable to sleep comfortably.
  It is best to choose the color of the bedding to echo the color of the curtains to maintain the integrity of the room. Choosing a solid color duvet cover is the safest choice. If it feels too cold, you can decorate it with blankets of various colors. Change color to change a mood. It can be easily matched without pressure.

Switch socket
  The most basic operation is to install a dual-control switch that can control the main light on the side of the bed and the wall of the entrance door, especially in the cold winter. If you are afraid of the dark or have the habit of turning on the light while sleeping, you need to be in the bedroom. It is also a good choice to design a concealed light belt, and a bedside lamp is also a good choice, and this switch can be installed in a place where it can be reached by the bed.
A socket is different from a switch. The layout of the socket should be determined according to the specific needs of each person.
  First, there are two sockets on both sides of the bed for plugging in bedside lamps and mobile phone chargers. When the phone is powered off, it can be changed without dragging the power board.

  Generally, bedroom lighting is divided into 2-3 levels, one is bedtime lighting, that is, the main lighting; the other is the main lighting. The other is night lighting. Small lights are turned on at night to avoid affecting family members’ sleep. The other is a special lamp for reading and makeup.
  It is best not to use the main light in the bedroom but to provide local lighting through table lamps, downlights, small decorative chandeliers, and light bars. This soft light can relax people and help sleep.
Closet storage
  For the bedroom, the large wardrobe can only be used as a low-key background, so doesn't have too many fancy shapes. It is best to integrate with the wall to reduce its own sense of presence, thereby creating a comfortable space.

Green plants
  Green plants can help remove indoor toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc., and can also reduce dust in the air. It is a natural air vacuum cleaner. Put a few pots of green plants in the corner of the bedroom, such as aloe vera is a good choice. This is not only good for health but also makes the bedroom look warm and vibrant.
  It does not necessarily cost a lot of money or uses a lot of space to leave a place for the details at home, but this small place can produce the happiness of overflowing a house.

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