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How to choose bed linings suitable for the elderly?

How to choose bed linings suitable for the elderly?

  Sleep is very important for the elderly. The slower metabolism makes them more afraid of the cold. Therefore, the elderly have higher requirements for bedding in winter, and a set of comfortable bedding can make the elderly sleep more soundly and more securely. When choosing bed linings for the elderly, we must consider the physical condition of the elderly and the aesthetics of the elderly, before we can choose the right ones. So, how to choose bed linings for the elderly?

The quilt should not be too heavy
  For quilts for the elderly, it is best to choose cashmere quilts, eiderdown quilts, and down quilts with good thermal performance and lighter weight. Two thin quilts will have better warmth than a thick quilt. Silk quilts and silk duvet cover sets are preferred for spring and autumn quilts, which keep warm and breathable. The weight of the quilt should not exceed 3 kg. It is gentle, easy to turn over, and does not affect breathing.

  The elderly are generally used to covering quilts, and they always feel that quilts will keep warmer. In fact, if cotton quilts are used for a long time and lack high-frequency drying in winter, the warmth retention is not good; in rainy weather like this, the quilt after damp It will get heavier and heavier.

  In winter, the elderly, especially those with more chronic vascular diseases, must pay attention. The heavy quilt on the body will only increase the load on the blood vessels and the heart, which will make the blood vessels with slow flow rate more congested after being compressed, and cause some Disease occurs.

The color should not be bright
  The color choice of bedding for the elderly cannot be too absolute, after all, everyone's hobbies and aesthetics are different.

  But generally speaking, old people don't like big red and green. You can choose some simple colors, such as a light blue duvet cover set, or brown, gray, and other more stable colors, which will help to produce sleepiness; patterns should not be too complicated, simple embroidery, lines, etc. are in line with the preferences of the elderly.

Duvet cover
  The high-quality washed cotton duvet cover is much stronger than ordinary pure cotton fabrics to make contact with the cold feeling and solve the hidden dangers of safety and health.

Pillows should not be too high and moderately firm
  High pillows are taboo for the elderly! Therefore, the pillow must have good support. Buckwheat pillows, tea pillows, latex pillows, etc. are all better. They can be "automatically" shaped according to the sleeping position of the elderly, and support the cervical spine; the height of the pillows for the elderly is generally slightly higher than that of the general population. , Generally, 10-15 cm is appropriate if you like to sleep on your back, it is best to choose a lower pillow, 8-12 cm is more suitable.

  Young people like soft pillows. It feels very comfortable to lie down, but the elderly are different because a pillow that is too soft has a large area of ​​pressure on the scalp and is not conducive to blood circulation. Also, the elderly who are too old may turn their faces due to turning over. Buried in a pillow causes suffocation.

  Pillows that are too soft have no support for the cervical spine, so they are prone to a stiff neck, and the elderly have more spinal problems. Pillows that are too soft may also increase the occurrence of spinal diseases. Therefore, it is better to choose a harder pillow at this time.

  A good pillow can be used to promote blood circulation in the head and maintain the health of the cervical spine.

  The weather is getting colder, so I changed the bedding for the elderly at home so that they can enjoy the warmth and sleep every day, and good sleep is healthy!

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