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The fastest way to set the duvet cover!

The fastest way to set the duvet cover!

Step1:Flip your duvet cover inside out

Turn the duvet cover over completely and lay the back side of the A version on the bed. Let the zipper side of the duvet cover toward yourself so that it allows the comforter to be turned over quickly and evenly to fit properly.

Step2: Lay your comforter on top

Lay the comforter on the reverse side of the cover and fasten all the loops on both sides to prevent the duvet cover from running in the cover. Remember to fasten tightly. Sometimes, the buckle loop will be loose as we sleep, making the duvet cover not fit the quilt.

Step 3: Roll them

Start from the side you are standing on. Roll the comforter and duvet cover inwards. Be careful not to roll it in a loose way to avoid making it too big at the end to be able to turn over from the zipper side.

Step 4: Flip the cover over the end

Turn the comforter inside out from the zipper opening, then unroll it in one direction, pull up the zipper, grab the two corners of the quilt, and give it a shake.

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