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Do you know the care Instructions of cotton bedding?

Do you know the care Instructions of cotton bedding?

Many of our customers like to buy our cotton bedding products such as cotton duvet covers, cotton pillowcases, cotton sheets, etc. Therefore, we are talikng about some “dos and don’ts” here.


*Don’t let pure cotton products stay in humid environment for a long time.


Have you found a problem that if a wet cotton towel is left in the bathroom for a long time without drying, the towel will easily break. This is the damage caused by the acid corrosion of the fabric created the wet environment.

*Dilute the detergent before you wash the pure cotton fabric.

Under normal circumstances, pure cotton is alkali resisting. However, this does not mean you can put the cotton products in the high concentration alkaline water . If the detergent has not been diluted in advance, the fabric will be hard. At the same time, the printing and dyeing color of the fabric will be partial fading and yellowing.

*Don’t wash or dry cotton bedding in high temperature

We all know that the cotton will shrink and the standard shrinkage range is within 5%. For example, if the duvet cover is 90” in width, then shrinkage within 10cm is in line with the national standard. But if you wash or dry it in high temperature, the shrinkage will be out of control. 

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