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Just how to eliminate allergens and keep the pillow tidy?

Just how to eliminate allergens and keep the pillow tidy?

  Pillowcases have many names: anti-allergic treatment or safety representative, hypoallergenic treatment, and sensitive protective cover. We provide pillowcases of different products for you to choose from, for example, including 100 mulberry silk pillowcases, cotton pillowcases, and so on.

  The function of pillowcases you don't understand

1. Strong woven fabric-the weaving method of conventional materials is very comfortable and breathable, but it can not let dander, dirt, plant pollen, and allergen fragments enter your skin.

2. Breathability-Pillows and feather-like bedding products need to have specific breathability to operate normally.

3. It is forbidden to use any type of insecticide-natural cotton baby pillowcase is made of 100% cotton, which is a soft, strong, and purely natural product. We do not recommend using unsafe chemicals or chemicals on the bed sheet material because the product is close to your skin.

4. It can be cleaned with warm water. Allergic professionals recommend cleaning the sheets in 130-grade warm water every week.

  Pillowcases can prevent allergens, dust, and dangerous irritants from directly entering your sheets. In fact, busy inspections of this unique chemical-pesticide-free textile have been carried out and proved to be an effective barrier to preventing the transfer of allergens. Our cotton thread is knitted with 300 needles and 100% cotton thread, which is soft to the touch and brings you the greatest convenience.

   By changing pillowcases and consistent cushions, you and your family will not be found to cause nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, watery eyes, and clogged debris at night. Generally speaking, the pillow core should be replaced every two years. However, the survey found that most people often replace pillowcases, but they are not worried about replacing pillowcases regularly. If the pillow core is replaced irregularly, it will have a great impact on you.

1It is no longer the ideal height
  Changes in height may affect the cervical spine and sleep quality. Whether the pillow is right for you, first of all, is the height. Everyone's cervical spine has different physiological curvature, so the height of the pillow is also different. The pillow is pressed by the head for a long time, and the elasticity of the fiber becomes poor. The pillow no longer has the original supporting force, which is about 50% to 70% of the original height.

2 Filter 20 kg of sweat per year
  High humidity, high temperature, and food are necessary conditions for the growth of mites. Based on 200 ml of sweat per person per night, 20 kg of sweat need to be absorbed per year. This sweat, oil, and dandruff will penetrate the pillow and form microorganisms. Good living environment. It grows very fast, wriggling around your head in an invisible way.

3 bad smell affects sleep
  The odor is a very important factor affecting a person's sleep. Due to sweat penetration, the pillow has not been cleaned for a long time, or there is no time to ventilate the pillow, the inside of the pillow begins to mold, grease, saliva and other long-term residues make the pillow look uncomfortable and smell. These smells can actually affect your sleep quality and quality of life.

  When choosing high-quality pillowcases and white cotton pillows, please don't forget to change pillows regularly!

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