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Duvet or comforter, how should we choose?

Duvet or comforter, how should we choose?

  Winter is here! What winter quilt do you use? Comforters and duvets should be compared most often.

  The duvet, as the name suggests, uses duck down or goose down as the core filler to keep out the cold. In comparison, duvets are warmer and lighter than other quilts.

1 Down duvet is three times lighter than cotton duvets and is more suitable for winter

  The heavier the quilt, the warmer it is; especially in winter, don’t cover it with a heavy quilt. The characteristics of duvets are light, puffy, and warm. Because of its fluffy, it lacks a little closeness, but putting a versatile black and white striped throw blanket on the duvet will not only make your winter warmer but also enhance the layering of the room.

2 Hygroscopicity
  First of all, although the cotton quilt absorbs moisture well, it releases moisture slowly; therefore, once the quilt is wet, it is difficult to dry; but in winter, the climate lacks the sun, without sun exposure, how can the cotton quilt be dried? The long-damp cotton causes the quilt to be slabbed and lacks fluffy feeling, so the warmth is seriously reduced; at the same time, the body temperature at night is higher, and the pores of the body are opened, and the moisture in the cotton quilt is baked by human body temperature. Let dampness and cold enter the body through the opened pores.

3 The duvet is not hygroscopic but breathable, which is very suitable for winter
  Due to the previous analysis of the characteristics of the winter climate, duvets can solve this problem well. Down is down from the front abdomen of ducks and geese. There is grease on the surface of the down, which plays a waterproof role.
  The most unique feature of down is that it is the only spherical fiber with tens of millions of small triangular pores on the fiber, so the air permeability of down is much better than that of cotton; the quilt in winter needs to be warm and breathable, if only warm and airtight, it will be stuffy And cause insomnia.

4 Duvet protection and durability, more suitable for winter
  Cotton quilts must be refurbished once every two years on average. If you don’t refurbish the quilts, the more you sleep, the more they look like iron plates, completely losing comfort. Duvets are different, as long as you ventilate, if a place is empty, shake every corner to be full, warm, and immediately resurrected with blood.
  Also, the fabric of the duvet is very important. The quality of the fabric on the market is uneven, and the duvet is different from the cotton quilt. It is easy to burrow. If you accidentally buy a bad quality, the down will all fly away. , The fabric generally needs to choose a special anti-feather cloth. Besides, putting on a duvet cover further prevents the fluff from flying. Our best-selling grey satin duvet cover is a good choice.

  Although cotton has been used for many years, it keeps warm and close to the skin. But with the improvement of living standards, disadvantages have gradually manifested: heavy, unwashable, and easy to set; these greatly reduce the warmth and comfort, and duvets happen to have the advantages of being washable, light, and non-skinning.

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