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Care Instruction of Brushed bed product

Care Instruction of Brushed bed product

Brushed cotton duvet cover set is favored by a lot of people because it is soft and furry. This is because the brushed fabric is rubbed with the machine, forming a layer of fluff. However, there are a lot of people complain about the “float hair” of brushed duvet cover. Do you know the correct way to do the care and maintenance of brushed duvet covers? In this article, you will find some instructions.


  1. Avoid overexposure to the sun

You may know that silk, down and wool cannot be exposed to the sun. In fact, brushed bed products cannot be exposed to the sun, neither. If the sun is excessive, the loss of fluff will become more serious because of the thermal expansion and contraction of the fiber.


  1. Wash the reverse side

Remember to wash the reverse side of the brushed duvet cover every time. When the washing machine rolls, the fluff on the surface layer won't fall off, while the float cotton is washed away together with the water.


  1. Clean up the four corners

After cleaning, be sure to remember to clean the remaining fluff at four corners. It is a normal phenomenon that fluff will fall off. If you want to use the brushed duvet covers longer, then wash them more often.


  1. Moistureproof actions

When you put the brushed goods into the closet, you can also put a mothball or a bag of desiccant inside, which can prevent moisture. Because if you decide to store the brushed goods for a long time; then damp environment will affect the durability of the fabric. You can also take the brushed duvet cover set out and air them for a while. However, please remember the first suggestion, do not overexposure to the sun.

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