5 Bedroom Organization Secrets for Maximum Organization

5 Bedroom Organization Secrets for Maximum Organization

by NTBAY Care

  Keeping your bedroom clean is a habit. Like anything else, it’s either an easy one that comes naturally or a routine you have to force yourself to follow until it becomes automatic.

  When it seems like life is full of breaking bad habits and making good ones, playing “Let’s Tidy Up the Bedroom” doesn’t always seem important. Why stress about an area where no one but you and your significant other goes?

  Since visitors to your home rarely make it to your personal space, this is the room that falls into disorder fastest.

  But an organized room isn’t for everyone else’s judgment; it’s for your health and happiness.

  Yes, keeping your room clean has a positive effect on your body and mind. Studies show that people who sleep in tidy rooms experience benefits like:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved health
  • More efficient and productive days
  • Stronger habit-forming skills

  Getting into the habit of cleaning your room isn’t as hard as quitting caffeine or smoking. It just takes tweaking your schedule for it to become routine.

These five tricks will teach how to organize your bedroom like a professional organizer.

1.‌ ‌Cut the Excess Stuff

karan bhatia ib7jwp7m0iA unsplash 1024x768

  Any Google search for how to organize your room is going to tell you one thing:

  You’ve got to cut the fat.

  There’s a reason a room purge is so important. Collecting clutter leads to hoarding, a seriously detrimental habit that can have a range of negative consequences.

  Maybe you’re not a hoarder … yet. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be hard to search your bedroom for unnecessary possessions, like:

  • Multiples of an item
  • Too many shirts in one color
  • Clothes that don’t fit you anymore
  • Gifts you were given that you never use
  • Collectibles that are only collecting dust
  • Jewelry or clothes you never wear

  Go through each section of your room slowly with a basket and a trash bag. Place anything you don’t need and would like to sell or donate into the basket. Use the bag for things that need to go in the garbage.

  As you go, don’t overthink the purging process too much. It’s okay to keep everything you want, as long as you’re not excessively hoarding. The key is that each item should have a purpose and a place in your room.

2.‌ Straighten Up Your Furniture

organized bedroom 1024x684

  After you’ve purged, it’s time to get serious about how you use your furniture.

  Dresser drawers aren’t supposed to be for cramming clothes, and a nightstand isn’t a junk collector. Yet, that’s exactly what many people use these furnishings for.

  When you’re ready to get your bedroom in order, don’t forget about the hidden sections. Even though your drawers are closed most of the time, you should still straighten them up.

  Start with the top of your dresser. Clear the flat surface of clutter. It’s fine to keep a couple of pictures and a decorative tray for your jewelry here.

  If you’ve got collectibles, though, consider investing in some shelving to display those.

  Move on to the drawers. Each drawer should contain a category of clothing. These are typically broken up into groups of underwear and socks, t-shirts, pajamas, and pants.

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  The way you fold your clothes determines how much you can fit. There are plenty of articles online that will show you how to fold your clothes for space efficiency.

  Don’t put bulky items in your drawers. Shelve them in your closet or use vacuum-sealed bags if you don’t wear them often.

   Once you’ve finished with your dresser, follow the same rules with your nightstand. Only the essentials should be on the surface.

  Your drawers should hold nighttime necessities like your reading material, glasses, chargers, and a spare flashlight. Make sure you keep everything tidy by using bins and drawer dividers.

3.‌ Splurge on Storage Systems

pepi stojanovski MJSFNZ8BAXw unsplash 1024x640

  If you decided to keep most of your things, then you need to invest in storage solutions to organize your stuff.

  Depending on what you already have, you might benefit from adding storage space to your closet and bedroom. Random searching can be overwhelming, though, since there are so many options available.

Limit your focus to areas such as:

  • Closet storage bins and baskets
  • Under-the-bed containers
  • Shoe racks


  Make a budget and a list of the areas in your room you’d like to improve. Use these to guide your buying decisions.

Otherwise, you could end up sucked into the abyss of Amazon. (Budget? What budget?)

4.‌ Make Cleaning Up Simple

volha flaxeco jCPL0oxBhB0 unsplash 1024x683

  Getting organized is the easy part. Staying organized … not so much. That is, unless you implement a simple clean-up system that you can use daily.

  Cleaning your bedroom shouldn’t be an in-depth chore. The average person spends most of their time in this room sleeping. How much of a mess can you make in your sleep?

  So, while you’re awake, be aware of what you’re doing to mess up your bedroom. Use these basic tips to keep this area tidy at all times:

  • Make your bed daily.
  • Keep a trash can and hamper nearby.
  • Take ten minutes a day to pick up your bedroom.
  • Empty the trash and hamper regularly.
  • Put clean clothes away immediately so they don’t pile up.

  You’ll either spend hours dealing with a messy headache or a few minutes a day staying on top of things. The choice is yours.

5. Streamline Your Day

easy morning 1024x809

  You know your morning routine best. Do you fumble and stumble around trying to get the day started? Would your schedule benefit from a bit of streamlining?

  With some minor tweaks in how you set your bedroom up, your entire day can run more efficiently.

  You’ll notice that a cleaner nightstand surface and an organized closet help automatically. The next step is to make a few finishing touches.

  What items do you use every day? A blow dryer and straightener? Certain makeup or hair products? Whatever it is, keep those items in an easily accessible place on your vanity.

  Consider picking your outfit the night before and leaving it at the front of your closet.

  Taking a few proactive steps can set the stage for your entire day to run smoothly.


  Cleaning and decluttering your bedroom is good for your health. Once you make organizing part of your routine, you’ll see the benefits fast.

  This is one habit you’ll be glad you picked up!

Original article link: https://www.thehome.blog/organization/bedroom-organization-secrets-maximum-organization

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