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To make your purchase from NTBAY as easy as possible, we have a wide range of payment options.

(1) Paypal
(2) VISA , Mastercard, American Express, Discover
(3) UNION pay

We accept PayPal payments via our secure checkout system. We will only dispatch orders to the PayPal account holders registered address.

If you want to pay with credit or debit card, simply choose to pay by Paypal, then click “pay” button and enter your credit card information on the newly opened page.

Payment FAQs:

1. I want to make payment by Credit card but don’t want to register paypal account, is that OK?
Yes, sure, it’s OK. You can just choose to pay by Paypal, then click “pay” button and there will be a webpage for you to enter your credit card information. For safety concerns, if other Paypal accounts were used in your computer before, you need to clean all the caches of your browser, then you can pay by Credit card.

2. I have credit balance from my previous order, how can I use it in my new order?
When pay your order, there will be an option wehre you can choose to use your balance.

3. Why the amount you received is less than what I paid in Bank?
Besides transaction fee in the bank you make transfer, also, there may be some third party Bank charging you in the process. That’s because, if the bank in which you make payment has no business relationship with our bank, then payment may be sent to a third party bank first, and then send to our bank. If that happens, the third party will charge the transaction fee from the payment, so the payment time will be longer and the amount we receive will be less than the amount you pay.