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Here comes your Thanksgiving gift list.

Here comes your Thanksgiving gift list.

  Next Thursday will be the annual happy time to eat turkey-Thanksgiving Day, is an extremely grand holiday that is not inferior to Christmas. Because gratitude is an emotion shared by all mankind.

Regarding Thanksgiving, we can always find inspiration in some TV dramas. For example, the scene in "Friends" where people gather to cook the turkey in Monica's restaurant is still fresh in my memory. Or every season in the fashion drama "Gossip Girl" will have a special episode of Thanksgiving, so that the whole people carnival, grand and solemn.

  Origin of Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day originated from European immigrants who first arrived on the North American continent. With the help of Native American Indians, they defeated hunger and severe cold. According to religious traditions and customs, immigrants set a day to thank God and decided to thank the Indians for their sincere help and invite them to celebrate together.
Take advantage of the holiday, prepare a gift for those you want to thank, and say the phrase "thank you" seriously to them.

Relief and health for parents
1 Warm down bedding
  The duvet not only has a super temperature and humidity control function but also is extremely soft and fluffy, as comfortable as lying on a cloud. Velvet duvet cover set suitable for winter not only feels the festive atmosphere in the bedroom but also allows parents to have a good sleep all night long!

  It is a pity that I cannot take care of my parents well at home because have been away all year round, caring for them can start with the daily necessities that are kept at home.

2 Multi-function cooking pot
  Free your parents' hands and make them eat with confidence. Frying, frying, frying, all kinds of food cooking methods in one pan You only need to change the baking tray for steaks and small pizzas.

Surprise your baby in winter
  Every child is the best gift God has given us. In the baby's life, there will be many choices. We can't accompany them at every step, but we always want to give them the best gift. Children are the purest and harmless creatures in the world. Nothing is more suitable for their delicate faces than a set of baby soft washcloths. Or muslin todder bed blanket can make them happy for a long time.

Winter warmth for lovers
1 Electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrushes have been voted as the best product of the year to increase the happiness of the whole people. Use the vibration of sound waves to drive the bristles of the brush head, and use a rapid vibration method to clean the teeth. Not only is it gentler on the teeth, but it also has stronger cleaning power, which is simply a gospel for lazy patients. Brush your teeth well, eat well, we grow old together.

Cotton cable knit blanket
  After a busy week, the weekend is a rare relaxing time. The happiest thing is to watch a movie with your lover wrapped in one knitted blanket and enjoy a leisurely moment.

Add a bit of excitement to friends' lives
  In the face of trivial life and heavy work, there is nothing more relaxing and decompressing than sniffing an intoxicating fragrance. The aroma diffuser is convenient for scenting, and can also be used as an exquisite ornament. You can feel the delicate fragrance throughout the day by dropping two or three drops of essential oil each time. It lasts longer than the aroma diffuser and is safer than the aroma candle.

  People who are always grateful will always meet warmth unexpectedly. How will you celebrate this Thanksgiving? If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s better to prepare a lovely gift for your loved one, and then have a meal with him!

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