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The secret of a fresh life, how to organize four-piece storage bedding?

The secret of a fresh life, how to organize four-piece storage bedding?

  If the wardrobe is full of random items and messy, it may cause neck pain.

  It doesn't matter if you are a small wardrobe or a large wardrobe, if you don't organize it properly, it will quickly become a "black hole", no matter where you put it, it will disappear in some way! Therefore, you continue to buy what you already own only because you cannot find it in the wardrobe. Sound familiar?

  Keeping your wardrobe tidy may seem like an impossible task, especially if you are not the only one who manages it. This is why it is so important to create some general rules and manage the wardrobe once and for all!

  The well-organized wardrobe is really relaxing! Believe it or not, organizing from scratch is very interesting. So, let's delve into it!

1 Organize the wardrobe
  We have some great space-saving organizational ideas that can use your sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and towels to finally put them in designated locations to store the sheets. Never open the closet door again!

2 Get rid of unnecessary bedding and concentrate on tidying up while the season is changing
  First of all, you need to master how many bedding products you have, including quilts, blankets, pillows, duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, etc. You can gather all the beddings in your home and organize them together during the season.

  Just like organizing clothes, when you put all the bedding together, you may find that the number is far more than you think. Maybe you will find four unopened quilt blankets from different corners, some from your company, from friends, and shopping malls.
  The advantages of one-time centralized sorting are once again reflected. Only when you put them all together will you be clear about your preferences:
  Which ones do you like to use? Which ones are not used? Where is the problem of not using it? Which types of bedding have a surplus, which types need to be supplemented, and which ones can be thrown away and replaced with new ones.

You can refer to the following methods for processing:

✔️ What you like, apply, and need --- keep
❌️ Don't like, don't apply, don't need - discard
❌️ Very low price and low-quality bedding-discard
❌️ Severely clumped quilt--abandon
❌️ The dusty quilt in the room when it is used (indicating that the filling fiber is           severely broken)-discard
❌️ The four-piece suit that I don't like very much-discard
❌️ The four-piece set with stubborn stains in the conspicuous place-discard
❌️ Pillows that have been used for more than 2-3 years (millions of mites accompany you to sleep)-discard
❌️ Large areas of damage-discard

  It's time to have some honest self-talk-take a look at your overloaded wardrobe, if you want to finally organize the wardrobe to keep it neater and longer, you only need to keep the items you actually use. The filtration process of the wardrobe is a starting point because it frees up space for other items and lets you know what you actually have and may need. Also, the fewer things you have-the easier it is to keep it organized!

  Tip: There are many ways to discard: donate, recycle, discard directly, etc. Except for the new, high-quality bedding that is not suitable for you, and you don't need it, you can consider giving it away. The rest are recommended to be recycled or discarded directly. Part of the four-piece set can be considered for use as waste.

3 store clean things
  Imagine some guests are in your house and they are given some random bedding or towels from the closet, they are actually very dirty! No one wants it.
  Therefore, please save yourself some worry and make sure all items placed in the linen closet have been properly washed and dried.

  You can even iron the sheets and towels after drying them. In this way, it will be much easier to fold. Likewise, the ironed sheets leave more space in the closet. However, if your bed linen is linen, you don't need to iron it, because the wrinkled linen three-piece suit looks better in the overall interior design!
Tip: Before putting the linens in the closet, make sure they are completely dry. Even the slightly damp textiles began to emit an unpleasant smell.

4 Put the linen in boxes, baskets, and trash cans
  If you have not discovered this method, you must try it now! There are a large number of different boxes, baskets, and garbage bins on the market. The choice of plastic, fabric, or wood (similar in style, color, or texture) depends on your taste, and of course, also depends on your interior design.

5 Label the basket and trash can
  Another way to create perfect storage in a cabinet is to put labels on boxes, bins, pallets, etc. Especially when the wardrobe is small.
  For example, put a three-piece silk set in a fabric box with a lid, and mark the name, color, size, or storage space on it. It will keep your sheets away from dust, and you can always find what you want without any stress. Besides, please use small plastic boxes or containers to store soap, scented items, or small shower gel bottles are fine!

6 Store and organize the bedsheet kit
  Get ready-you will hear one of the best saviors to tidy up your sheets! Find pillowcase covers with zipper or sheets-fold all bedding and place them in matching pillowcases! Just fold your sheets, sheets, and a pillowcase into a rectangle. After that, stuff the whole bedding into another pillowcase! In this way, the perfectly folded bedding is in your hands!

1. 100 mulberry silk pillowcases are afraid of being squeezed and airtight, so vacuum bags cannot be used
Although duvets are often used in TV shopping to demonstrate the advantages of vacuum storage, duvets and silk duvet covers are very delicate and not suitable for squeezing, and the protein fibers of feathers and silk need to breathe, so vacuum storage is not suitable.
2. Don't slap the cotton when it is drying. The cotton fiber is also easy to break. Once it breaks, it will fly dust all over the room when you sleep.

  After completing all these steps, you can complete an organized wardrobe here! Of course, you can try more organizational ideas.

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