The easy to forget housework is all on this list.

The easy to forget housework is all on this list.

by Martin S

  Living at home, some things are done every day, such as eating and sleeping, but some things happen only a year or a half because the frequency is low, it is very easy to forget. If you forget the anniversary or birthday, it will cause "Volcano eruption" also has some family affairs. If you forget it, it may affect your family's health, safety, and finances.

Only a month or less
  Clean up all kinds of food in the refrigerator, clean your refrigerator regularly to prevent food from spoiling and soiling your refrigerator.
  Dry the quilt more, wash and replace your bedding, and suggest different materials in different seasons to achieve the most comfortable effect. For example, choose flannel duvet cover sets in winter, cotton and linen to absorb sweat in summer, and microfiber or washed cotton duvet cover sets in spring and autumn.

Limited to one season

1 Replace the towel and toothbrush
  These two items are in close contact with our skin and mouth. They are stored in a humid environment. They are a natural breeding ground for bacteria. Don't wait for the whitening of the towels and toothbrush bristles to burst before thinking of replacing them. The first quarter is already the longest period.
  Those who use toothbrushes badly recommend changing them once a month; towels should be exposed to the sun every three to five times, or placed in the microwave at half-humidity every week, and sterilized at high temperature for 30 seconds.

2 Clean up unnecessary items in season
Your home has limited space and capacity, but items are constantly being added. If you don’t have time to organize it on weekdays, then use the "universal shift" during the season to clean up the useless items in time, leaving only useful, meaningful, and meaningful items for you. 

3 Clean the air conditioner filter
I won’t say much about air quality. The air conditioner is related to the health of the respiratory system. The filter should be taken out and cleaned every quarter. You will find that a pot of dust can be scraped from it. If an air purifier is installed at home, the filter element should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the brand.

4 Computer file cleaning
  The storage skills of many physical items are very important. In fact, "data" is also a type of item, and it will accumulate if it is not cleaned up. Some people’s computer desktops are densely packed, and even if the computer owner finds files, it’s too big, which affects work efficiency.

  Computer files can be organized according to their own usage habits, such as sorting by file type or subject, based on the principle that they can be understood without special memorization, such as photos, you can name folders with time + person's name.

  In the same way, mobile apps should also be cleaned up regularly. It is also a pity to delete apps that have not been opened once in a quarter.

5 Fabric sofa cover
  This is already the longest period. Many people lie down on the sofa when they get home from getting off work, with their trousers and jackets wrapped in the dust. If the family has children, the sofa is their climbing slide, and the sofa cover should be washed frequently, at least once a month. If it is removable and washable, it can be removed directly from the washing machine for washing. If it cannot be removed, you can ask a professional company to come and clean it.

  At the same time, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the corners of the sofa every half a month, which actually does not take a few minutes.

Up to half a year

6 Clean the curtains
  Everyone remembers to change and clean the bedding regularly. Because the curtains are bulky and silently guarded on the side, they are easily overlooked. In fact, the curtains are a protective layer indoors and outdoors, gathering a lot of dust and bacteria.
  Families with children will find that curtains are good props for peek-a-boo dolls. Children who are hugged and are sensitive to dust or have eczema when they are young can easily induce allergies.
  It is too tiring to wash such a large object by yourself, so leave it to a professional company.

7 Organize the medicine box
  Almost every company has some stock medicines. You must know that medicines also have a shelf life. For general family medicine boxes, I would suggest organizing them every 3-6 months. While removing expired medicines, if someone in the family suffers from seasonal illnesses, you can add some medicines in time, such as spring allergies, summer heat repellent, and mosquito repellent.
  The amount of small family medicine boxes must be controlled, and don't be greedy. The public medicine box is best placed in the common area of ​​the home, such as the living room; while the special medicine for the elderly can be closer to where they sleep.

8 Replace wooden chopsticks
  The surface of wooden and bamboo chopsticks is covered with natural textures. During the use of chopsticks, these textures are easy to hide dirt and dirt. When ordinary washing, some oil and bacteria adhere to it, and moisture will promote the growth of bacteria and mold. The wooden chopsticks have to be replaced every six months.

  During this six-month period, wooden chopsticks can be sterilized regularly by boiling in high-temperature water or using microwave ovens.

9 Deep clean the range hood
  Although the range hood is on, there is still a greasy smell at home. The heavy greasy dirt sticks together and it is disgusting, indicating that the range hood should be cleaned. The deep cleaning I'm talking about is to clean and decontaminate inside and out. It is a time-consuming and laborious task, so leave it to a professional company.
  The oil net of the range hood can be taken off and cleaned every month. Keeping clean air at home will make the family happy.

10 Wash the washing machine
  Everyone generally keeps the inner drum of the washing machine clean. In fact, there is an interlayer between the inner drum and the outer drum of the washing machine, which is called the washing machine tank, which is a place where dirt is contained. If the washing machine at home has been bought for three or four years and has never been cleaned, your clothes may have been washed for nothing in the past few years.
  It is not difficult to clean the washing machine. Remember to remove each screw step and restore it immediately. But for those who do it occasionally, the difficulty is still not small. Give it to a professional washing machine company. Generally, it can be done in 2 hours.

Within one year

11 Auto insurance, annual car inspection
  When you buy a car, a bunch of things will come: annual car insurance, annual car inspection every two years, and replacement of your driver's license when it expires, etc., because this is related to safety and whether it is illegal or not, it must be included in the schedule and must not be forgotten.

12 Scaling

  Don't believe that washing your teeth hurts your teeth. If you don’t deal with minor tooth problems, it will become "expensive" if it takes a long time to plant a tooth. Wash your teeth every year, clean up dental calculus, and check your periodontal health. The protection of our teeth will be greatly rewarded by our body and mind as we age.

13 physical examination

  Many professionals are sub-healthy, so an annual physical examination is very necessary. What needs to be reminded is that modern people rely heavily on electronic equipment, and it is best to have an eye examination during the physical examination. Nowadays, cancer is getting younger, like women with lobular hyperplasia, it is recommended to have a B-ultrasound check every six months.

14 important birthday

  Birthday is a very special moment in life, it deserves a sense of ritual. Some people’s birthdays should not be forgotten, such as children, parents, partners, mentors, close friends, etc. Even if an adult is just a blessing text message or a small chat phone call, it will make people feel warm.

  Children’s birthdays shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s not grand ceremonies but love.

15 Important holidays

  Most families celebrate Halloween and Christmas every year, involving the storage of some holiday items, such as masks, Christmas trees, etc. They must be stored in a fixed space in the family, and there is no need to purchase them every year. The money saved can be spent on gifts.

  There are also some important days, such as wedding anniversary, Children's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. If family members are more concerned, make preparations early and don't make trouble on the day.

  Of course, each family also has special days created according to needs. For example, going outing on a fixed day is a sense of ritual in life. Education is by precept and deeds. When parents are serious about doing something, children will naturally imitate it.

16 Organize family image data

  Taking pictures with mobile phones is so convenient that it’s meaningless to hide in the snow after taking pictures. Take time at the end of each year to organize the photos on the family’s mobile phones and make them into a family photo yearbook.

  Time is like a white horse. If you don’t believe me, after reading this article, I will look through the old photos of the last year on your phone, whether I feel emotional.

  For families with children, it is especially recommended to make a growth photo album every year. If possible, gather three generations together to take a family portrait. These are all-time stories and family memories after the children grow up.

17 Cleaning up children's belongings

  I often hear mothers complain that the house is not tidy after having children. This is the pain of most families with children, so I put the children’s belongings clean up and write it at the end.

  The child grows up very quickly, and accordingly, the item iteration is also very fast. On the one hand, parents should stock less food, supplies, clothing, and toys. It is never too late to buy when you need it. In this age of material abundance, delayed gratification education for children is actually very important.

  On the other hand, if the children do not need to be cleaned up in time, it is better to free up the ground so that the children can live in a spacious and have fun.

  Mothers will complain about their children’s reluctance to throw away old toys. Dismissal is a hurdle that must be passed for growth. Not only do adults have to learn from children, but also learn. The earlier you learn, the more beneficial to live. It is for children’s decision-making and logical thinking ability.

  When cleaning up children's belongings, mothers should have more tips and inner dramas, and never resort to robbing them.
Actually, it is very easy to remember these things, as long as one action is enough.

  We have a calendar function on our mobile phones. You can take the time to write the low-frequency housework involved in a year into the calendar, set up multiple reminders for one month, one week, three days, and the same day, and you can also add reminders for event stakeholders.

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Second
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