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The Choice of Winter Bedding,it is all about technology

The Choice of Winter Bedding,it is all about technology

I want nothing but NTBay for my winter bedding!

I know, I know, most of us would say “whatever” while shopping for home textile, or you may think: Iwon’t feel much a difference cos I’m asleep anyway, or : just get me cotton and I’m good. Typical, you are not aware what a good quality bedding will bring to your rest. In this case, I suggest you read through this article.

Bedding set of good quality has a great deal impact on your sleep.


Up to 40% of how well rested you are will be decided by your bedding.

Bedding moisture absorption, contact feeling to the skin and heat preservation are the keys to sleep. Aside from physical and psychological problems, some can’t sleep in the winter mainly because the temperature and humidity in the bedroom and bedding are not ideal, that is because the proportion of bed products affecting sleep reaches 40%.

We performed a test at night:place a piece of sleek fabric on the surface of simulated body temperature of 33℃, the power consumption tested was quite high. Imagine it is your body losing a lot of heat and how are you supposed to fall asleep with consistent dropping of body temperature?  Coldness directly works on the brain, leaving you sleepless.


 Factors that affect humidity and temperature of bedding products

  1. Bedding humidity is determined by the moisture absorption properties of the fabric.

Winter is a relatively dry season. Many people choose polyester fabrics (coral velvet, etc.) that feel “downy”. In fact, these fabrics are less breathable and absorb less moisture from the surroundings. When you sleep till midnight, you are more likely to wake up to your sweat. Therefore, it is better to use pure cotton brushed fabric in winter.


  1. The bedding temperature is determined by the contact warmth of the fabric to your skin.

Brushed fabric is quite popular for winter, how so? When you are tucked in, your skin feels about 32℃(89℉). However, the warmth is leveled by the quality of how well brushed the material is. The better the quality, the less lint problem you have.


For instance, 21 threads are more downy than 32 threads with longer fibers. Intense and fine fibers result in better warmth. No kidding, the choice of bedding is all about technology.

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