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What looks the cleanest at home, the actual use of the dirtiest?
The four bad habits of bedding use, do you have?

What looks the cleanest at home, the actual use of the dirtiest? I guess many people may not think, but we use it every day. Mainly because of the traditional education we received - not to waste! But some things should not be viewed in this way!

Can the quilt be used directly without washing it?

Many people buy new clothes or bedding are used directly, in fact, a big mistake! Newly bought clothes or bedding should be washed before use, not because the production process is polluted, but because of the need for health and safety!

We buy bedding or clothing fabrics and need to go through the process of cooking, rinsing, dyeing, etc., each process will inevitably deal with chemicals, some people say I do not want to buy chemically treated products, unfortunately, there is no such product! So the bed or clothes have several indicators of strict assessment to ensure the safety of consumer use.

What is the best material for bed sheets to keep you cool?
There are two reasons for the birth of textiles, one is to protect the cold, one is to shelter the body. The textiles we use are constantly innovat...