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How to use ingredients in the kitchen to remove unintentional stains?

How to use ingredients in the kitchen to remove unintentional stains?

  Did the sauce stain your clothes? Did the juice splash on the bedding? Learn the following techniques quickly, you can wash them off with one technique!

White vinegar turns yellow
  Even with washing powder, solid color duvet covers (especially white quilts and pillows) are likely to turn yellow. Some have been stored in the closet for too long, and the color will become old after being taken out. However, just pour a small cup of white vinegar into the washing powder, let it stand for 15 minutes, and then wash it normally. It is amazing, it is as white as a new bedding!

Lemon to remove mildew
  No matter how hard you scrub, there will be stubborn stains. In the wet seasons of spring and summer, it is easy to mold the fabric and leave mildew spots. Lemon and water can help you solve it. Boil the lemon slices in water and soak the fabric for 15 minutes. After being taken out, the bedding is not only as white as new, but also exudes a lemon scent.

Salt to remove grease
  Is your jersey knit throw blanket often stained with greasy food? In addition to being used as a condiment, salt is also a super detergent and can be done with just one trick. Cover the grease with salt, wait for the salt to absorb the grease, and then gently brush off the salt. The cable knit cotton throw will look new.

Milk to remove pen stains
  Sometimes accidentally, a ballpoint pen or pen is used to draw the fabric. At this time, the milk can play a role~ Heat the milk to a boil, and then wipe it with a cotton cloth to remove the handwriting on the clothes. The light aroma of milk and clean clothes can rejuvenate your body and mind.

Dishwashing liquid removes grease
  Dishwashing liquid has the effect of emulsifying oil stains, which is more effective in removing oil stains than washing powder! After using the bedding for a long time, apply a layer of detergent to the yellowed area. Washing powder is difficult to completely remove, but it can be cleaned by wiping with detergent!

Egg removal gum
  When the gum is glued, please use eggs skillfully so that you will not be lost by the gum again. The required material is egg white. Take the egg white and rub it on the gum mark to loosen it, then wipe it off.
In addition, wash the bedding with hot water soaked in the eggshell, the fabric will turn white, but remember that it must be rinsed!

Toothpaste to remove coffee stains
  "I don't know how people live without coffee, I really don't know." What about you? But coffee stains also bother me. I accidentally got coffee stains on the new black and white pattern duvet cover. Toothpaste has the effect of removing grease and stains. After dipping coffee on the fabric, squeeze a little toothpaste and rub it back and forth several times to restore the brand new bedding.

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