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How to make beautiful hotel beds with affordable bedding?

How to make beautiful hotel beds with affordable bedding?

  Making the bed also requires some aesthetic ideas! It seems to be spread out randomly, but it has been carefully organized.

1 The pillows are half-erect to increase the feeling of volume.
  Let the quilt cover the entire bed, leaving only two cushions at the head of the bed. Keep it simple and you can't go wrong. The obsessive-compulsive disorder must want to flatten the quilt, let the quilt hang down naturally, and look neater.
Using the AB-side bedding, turn the quilt up, showing the careful thought of carefully arranged.
  If you have two quilts, don't listen to your mother's. The quilts and piles are folded into a rustic layer, and they are flat and natural.
  If you are looking for a neat effect, like a hotel, fold the quilt neatly and press the grown part under the cushion, and the beautiful bed frame is also revealed. But lifting the mattress every day is a personal effort. Unless it is a thin latex pad and you have to use your feet to open it when you sleep, you are like the milk sandwich in Oreo. Take a step back and fold the quilt into the thin upper cushion to save more trouble and the effect is not bad.

2 If the quilt is not beautiful, you can make up for it with a bed cover.
  The black and white striped fitted sheet makes a huge change in the style of the entire room.The bed cover is thicker and firmer than the sheet fabric. Cover the whole bed with a bed cover, and it saves time to tidy up every morning. Choose a design with tassels on the edges to increase the drape.

3 Add a blanket for more layering
  It was originally an embarrassing two-bed quilt, and a blanket was added to the end of the bed to form a more complete visual effect. Blankets are usually placed at the foot of the bed. You can also choose to tile, this method is more individual, and can also help adjust the color of the bedroom, In winter, a black and white flannel blanket makes the whole room look warm.
  Be ingenious, put multiple blankets together to create the perfect color gradation, without having to paint the wall, the color matching of the bedroom is easy to get. For example, at Christmas, red knit throw blanket can also feel the festive atmosphere in the bedroom.

4 When making the bed, I often have a problem, it looks soft and unconscious.
There are three principles for high-rank modeling:
  The headboard adds layering. In addition to the two pillows, add at least two more pillows with different materials or colors. The following placement combinations are for your reference.
  The down pad is increased. If your mattress is not very good, you might as well buy another down cushion, usually 5cm, 8cm, and 10cm in height. After laying it on, put on the bedding, the whole bed looks full immediately, and it looks like it’s lying on it. The same in the clouds.
  Multi-level bedding. Sheets, quilts, bed covers, blankets, multiple layers, different colors, and materials are mixed and matched, and visual beauty can be improved.

  The last tip, monochrome is easier to match. The bedding with patterns and patterns may look beautiful on its own, but it is not easy to match with other bedding. It is recommended to start with solid color duvet cover set.

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