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How to choose winter duvet cover set?

How to choose winter duvet cover set?

 The bedding in winter and summer is different, and many people may overlook it. Often I don’t care about the way to choose a quilt. In fact, the temperature of the quilt is a few degrees higher. If you have mastered these four principles when choosing bedding in winter, it must be very warm to lie in the quilt in winter.

1 Choose a non-smooth fabric

  This is very important. Generally, the smoother the surface of the fiber, the stronger the coldness of the fabric, especially the moment when the fabric is first touched, such as cotton, linen, and wool are warmer than silk and chemical fiber. It is not difficult to find that the bedroom in summer is white satin duvet cover, and in winter it is mostly velvet flannel bedding. Although hemp and wool are not smooth, they are a bit prickly for the body, so they are rarely used as body-fitting bedding fabrics.

2 The thicker the fabric, the warmer the fabric

  You don’t know, we pay attention to thin fabrics in summer because of breathability, but we pay attention to thick fabrics in winter, because the air permeability is not so high, and the relative cold air flow is not so strong, so thick fabrics are more warm than thin fabrics. Plain weave is more suitable.

3 The more fluff on the surface, the more warm it is

  In winter, more and more people like to buy sanding kits. The surface treatment of the fabric, such as the velvet duvet cover set, is very warm, because the friction of the fluff increases, the contact area with the body becomes smaller, and the static air on the fabric will also be retained. More, which makes the fabric warmer.

4 The color is warmer, the warmer

  Generally warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, feel warmer than cool or neutral colors. When we see white and green bedding, we think of the cool and cold feeling in winter. For example, the cobalt blue duvet cover that people like very much is mostly used in winter. Remember to choose a dark quilt in winter.


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