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How to choose bedding For Teen Girls?

How to choose bedding For Teen Girls?

  Japanese writer Mari Hashimoto once said: "Every home has elements, not the pattern, but the focus of life. If you pay too much attention to decoration, you will ignore this. This is also applicable to the bedroom layout.

  When decorating girls' bedrooms, we must pay attention to the use of colors. Girls usually prefer fresh and elegant colors such as light yellow and light pink. These colors can also reflect the exquisite and warmth of girls’ bedrooms, and visually make people feel more comfortable.The following are some color matching schemes worth learning.

  The gray-blue wall and black and white striped duvet cover are simple and lively. Choosing pink for the pillow will not make the room look too cold, and the color matching is very comfortable.

  With dark pink as the wall, silk natural pink pillowcases, black and white duvet cover sets, and pillows on the sheets, they are very suitable for girls with pink control.
  The grey wall and grey-pink bedding are in the style of indifference that is popular this year. Leaning on the bedside and reading a book, I feel like a noble lady.

  The combination of navy blue bedding, blue and white patterned blankets and gray-blue walls is very layered. Although they are the same color, they are not monotonous.

  Grey walls and pale pink bedding are the main tones, adding some black just enriches the vision and is very artistic.

  Part of the wall is painted gray, and the bedding changes from gray to pink and then to gray, giving it an overall beauty.

  The combination of pink and black is a very popular color combination recently. It is cute, soft, and handsome. The bedside storage cabinet is designed to fit many bottles and cans.

  Usually, girls’ bedrooms are indispensable for decoration, such as beautiful lanterns, decorative paintings, dolls, etc., you can add decorations according to your own preferences to make the bedroom more warm and romantic. However, it should be noted that too many decorations can easily make the bedroom appear crowded and increase the difficulty of managing the interior. Usually, three or so decorations are enough.

  The bed is the most conspicuous piece of furniture in the bedroom. The bed in the girl’s room should be mainly in warm and elegant colors. Among them, the solid wood bed, iron bed, and fabric bed are more popular among girls.

  For girls, the wardrobe needs to be large enough to hold the clothes that you buy and buy every day. You can choose a wall-mounted wardrobe or a combination wardrobe, and the space is large enough. Besides, simple style or Nordic style wardrobes are more attractive and can be used in various styles.  The dressing table is one of the indispensable items in the girls' space. An exquisite dressing table can store a lot of cosmetics, and at the same time, it makes the whole dress up the mood. Among them, the dressing table with a simple shape and fresh color are more attractive, with exquisite dressing mirror, it is practical and can add beauty to the room.

  String lights, the most photographed single product in the ins bedroom style, its warm light source, and unique atmosphere can always inadvertently create a girlish feeling and always a poetic mood. It is an essential element for creating a bedroom. Choose a string of lights, either on the bedside or by the window, without deliberately, you can show a full sense of style and a girly heart.

  The curtain, the magician who creates the atmosphere of the space, can always show its decentness and elegance inadvertently. It is an existence that cannot be ignored in a girl's room. The soft and thin texture is looming in the light and shadow, with a hint of hazy beauty, injecting a different temperature into space.

  In the current day when the pressure of life is becoming heavier, the bedroom is no longer just to meet the daily rest needs, but people hope to find a bit of comfort in this space and enjoy the double enjoyment of space and vision. This is our original intention for the room design. We hope that every girl can enjoy her own elegant time in the well-planned bedroom.

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