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How to buy baby bedding?

How to buy baby bedding?

  The birth of a baby heralds the emergence of a new life in the family. For this new life, many parents and elders have endless expectations. They are fully prepared for the baby before the baby is born, especially for some daily baby products. Preparation. In fact, there are still many things we need to pay attention to in the preparation of baby products. After all, these all need to be used on our newborn babies, especially the bedding that the baby lies every day after birth. How to choose bed linings for the baby?

  The younger the baby is, the more time he will spend in bed. Moms should buy comfortable sleeping supplies for the baby to create the best sleeping conditions. So how do you choose bed linings for your baby?

What is the crib bedding?
  One mistake most novice parents make is that the accessories are too large. It turns out that too many items in a crib can be dangerous and cause suffocation.
So if you want to list the crib essentials, what you really need to get is:
The sturdy crib mattress and waterproof cover prevent the mattress from leaking water, bed bugs, dust mites, and other indoor allergens.
  The right bedsheet can further protect the mattress, but it can also improve your baby's sleep. It is important to ensure that the sheets are firmly fixed around the mattress and will not loosen when the baby is lying on the bed.
Baby bed skirts can be considered for decorative purposes. They also conceal storage under the crib, adding a more refined look to the nursery.
  Really, that's it. Anything else can cause an unsafe sleeping environment. Toys, pillows, and blankets are best used later. To keep your baby warm at night without the risk of suffocation, you can wrap your newborn in a blanket.

Other common problems
  How often should I wash the crib sheets? We don't need to tell you that babies are messy. Spills, leaks, drooling, etc. The highest recommendation for baby sheets is to wash them 1-2 times a week. The cotton duvet cover set should also enter the washing machine at least once a week to keep the baby happy and healthy.
  When can young children start using pillows? When it comes to pillows and other soft bedding, babies need to be able to move on their own, which means they can roll over, sit, or stand. In this way, they will not be entangled in loose fabric. The most common is after the child is one year old.

Baby bedding selection guide for baby bedding
  It’s best to prepare your baby’s quilt separately. Choose down alternative toddler comforter.Try to avoid choosing synthetic fiber or nylon fabric, because this type of fabric absorbs water The sex and air permeability are relatively poor, which can easily cause symptoms such as rash or dermatitis in the newborn baby.

  Besides, baby quilts do not have to be too thick or too large, it is best to choose square quilts made of cotton and a soft cloth. For premature babies, the quilt used should be made of materials with good warmth such as feathers or wool. Besides, it is recommended that moms and dads prepare a Jersey cotton quilted toddler blanket because the blanket is more breathable, light, and warm, very suitable for wrapping newborn babies.

Baby Bed Sheets in the Baby Bedding Selection Guide
  The bed linen used for the baby should be made of comprehensive products, and the size should be slightly larger than that of the crib so that the surrounding can be pressed under the mattress, to avoid messing up the bed sheet when the baby is moving.

Infant cushion back of the baby bedding selection guide
  The newborn baby is in the stage of growth and development, and the bones are still relatively soft, so the choice of the baby's back cushion is also very important. First of all, the baby's back cushion should not be too soft, because if the back cushion is too soft, the baby's spine is often in a curved state, then it is likely to deform the baby's spine, or even hunch back.

  Preparing bedding for newborn babies is a major event. Moms and dads need to attach great importance to it, and create a safe bed environment for their children based on the principles of safety and environmental protection

What is the best fabric for a sheet?
  Needless to say, babies’ skin is so sensitive, so you need to be careful when choosing clothes to wear or sleeping items. The general rule of thumb is to use textiles made of natural fibers (such as flax and organic cotton) with synthetic fibers.
  Pure fabrics have amazing natural properties that are difficult to manufacture. Both linen and cotton are known for their absorbency and breathability, which means your baby will stay dry and comfortable all night. Also, flax is hypoallergenic and does not accumulate bacteria, dust mites, or other bacteria. It is very suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to the skin.
  On the contrary, synthetic fabrics can irritate allergies and irritate the skin, causing rashes. Although they may provide a larger variety or look softer at first glance, always consider the process of giving them this look and feel.

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