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Does your bedroom look crowded? How to make your snail bedroom look open?

Does your bedroom look crowded? How to make your snail bedroom look open?

  The bedroom is too crowded, mainly due to the wrong bed size. Imagine a single room of 10 square meters. How can there be other space for a double bed?
  If you want to make 10 square meters suitable for "bed, wardrobe, bedside table, book, dressing table", then the first and most important thing is to choose the right bed! As the largest furniture, the bed must meet the following points:
  1. It must be in proportion to the bedroom, and be careful to buy a large bed for the small bedroom.
  2. The overall structure is not bulky and will not let the space feel frustrated.
  3. The bed must not only be practical and have storage space, but it must also be centered on yourself and stored in all directions.
  According to many tests in the actual design, it is generally believed that at least 300mm and 450mm of movement space should be reserved on both sides of the bed, and 450mm of movement space should be reserved at the end of the bed. The maximum floor space of the bed cannot exceed 2/5 of the room. If the room is 10 square meters, the single bed is the best choice. If you must choose a double bed, a small double bed against the wall is a better choice.
  Throw away the headboard. This is a cumbersome headboard, heartbreaking! We have always thought that a bed can be counted as a bed, but if the small bedroom still uses a bulky headboard, the space made by choosing the right bed will be wasted. So which headboard can you choose?
Use thick cotton blanket as the headboard

  Using soft pillows as the headboard, the practicability and comfort of the triangular soft-packed pillows are not inferior to the European-style large bed with a large soft-packed backrest, but its cost performance is far lower than this bed. And once you get tired of the overall tone of the room, just change a pillowcase for your soft-packed pillows, and your room will become completely new, such as our best-selling queen size satin pillowcase.

  After changing to a low headboard or throwing it away, we can save a lot of space, but don't waste them. Several shelves can also play an important role. You can place some decorative paintings, green plants or other small objects. For those who have the habit of reading before going to bed, you can also place some favorite books.
  After throwing away the heavy headboard, if it is still crowded, there is not enough storage space in the space itself. So how to perfectly combine the bed and storage?
  If you want the small bedroom to have the ultimate storage space, the floor bed can definitely be considered the most space-saving. Its biggest advantage is that it can fight for more storage space for you~ And because of the different heights, it can naturally separate our bedrooms. Although placing it against the wall will hinder the layout of the bed surface, this decoration can definitely help the small bedroom to leave a larger space for activities.
  The long and narrow small bedroom is more suitable for buying or custom-made floor beds, which not only saves space but also uses window sills as shelves to reduce reading space. On the contrary, if you want to buy a traditional bed, there is basically no room for action.
  Install a shelf by the bed and place your own books or CD records. Isn't this saving space for the bookshelf?
  Take a look at the effect of using the locker as a bedside. Is this unexpected? Of course, some friends will ask what should I do if I fall? Let me say this, the sleeping child will not be hit (if you can’t, please fix it on the wall)
  If you want your room to look less crowded, give up the bulky headboard. If you want to make the best use of the bedroom's storage function, please do not leave space in the bedside space. You can install a set of wall cabinets and store the quilts separately, and then you don’t have to put them in a complete closet.

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