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Blood Stain Cares

Blood Stain Cares


We girls love light colors. Pure white, light pink, baby blue, you name it. However we do have concerns for a few days every month while sleeping on these colors.

Don’t worry, here are a few tips to remove blood stain.

  1. Wash right away if you just had blood on it. It is easily to wash it off when it is new, simply use soap on the stained area.
  2. If you find blood stain overnight and the color is dark, here are 2 ways you can try
  3. Use plenty of cold water to soak it, then put some salt on the area and also some liquid laundry degenerate, gently rub the area in a circular direction, when you see the red color fades, rub it with cold color and the residual color will be removed.
  4. Some of us are not fan of degenerate, so alternatively there is another way to wash it. Soak the area first with plenty of cold water and give it a gentle rub, add on some hand wash (preferably liquid) and rub it back and forth for a little bit, squeeze some of your toothpaste on the area, and work in a circular direction, most toothpastes are safe for fabric so don’t worry if you put on too much.

These methods are quite effective but I will have to remind you, if you are washing the fabric for the first time, it is always better to test a small area in case the fabric has a color fade.


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